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                                                       The Emanuel project

Emanuel, a shy and very creative boy from a poor family in Colorado, was serving time in a juvenile facility when he was a teenager. He was not allowed to have any art supplies (because pencils and pens can be used as weapons or to tattoo
gang symbols).  During his second time being incarcerated, when he was in solitary confinement for two weeks, his desire to draw was so strong that he secretly collected matchsticks. When no one was looking, he drew pictures on paper towels with the charcoal tipped matchsticks. He hid his drawings under his mattress and in his shirt.
One day he was sent to the infirmary and a nurse there discovered the drawings hidden inside his shirt. She was so impressed that she gave him supplies and the opportunity to create... and the rest, as they say, is history. That act of kindness and support helped turn his life around. He is now one of the most successful Hispanic artists in the United States, painting U.S. Cabinet members and creating large civic sculptures and important murals throughout the country.

Studies show introducing art materials in the classroom help youth:
•    Become more confident about their school work
•    Become calmer
•    Follow rules
•    Become responsible
•    Become hopeful
•    Realize their talent
•    Become affirmed; self esteem helped
•    Have a positive role model (i.e. Emanuel)
•    Become more cooperative in groups

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